Audio Otter - A Sound Decision

We’re all about sound

Audio Otter provides location sound and post audio services for any size of production. We’ve got you covered for your feature films, corporate/Industrial projects, documentaries, reality TV, short films, live shows and more. If sound is involved, we’ve done it.


All Conditions

Filming in the rain, sleet, and snow? No problem! We’re used to getting great sound in all kinds of weather.



How about a voiceover for a last minute project? You bet! We can send you a variety of auditions.


Post Production

Do you want your audio to be up to par with radio and film standards? We have the equipment and knowledge to get you there.



Need to mic up people who have never been on camera? We’re polite and explain everything as we go. Need to work with celebrities? We do that a lot. Don’t worry, we’re not starstruck.



How about a fast-paced news shoot? Absolutely! We know how to move fast and anticipate needs.

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What about syncing? Yes, indeed! We can sync your camera timecode, or send a reference track to your camera, or pull out the sync slate. We’ll make it easy on your editor.


World Travel

Need us to work on the open ocean, the jungles of Mexico, or the African plains? We’ve been there a time or two. We’re used to staying very mobile so we can always head where the action is.


Feature Films

What about feature films? We’ve done them! Chances are, you’ve already heard our sound in your local theater.

Our team has the experience to handle any kind of sound project. Give us a call and find out how good it can sound!