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Audio Otter FAQ

So.. um... why the otter?

We don’t crave the limelight. Like an otter, we stay unseen. Our mics are hidden, our booms are out of the shot, and we aren’t in the way.
And if you don’t agree with that reasoning, then consider this:
Otters are freakin’ cool!

Do I really have to contact you for a quote? Why don't you just have a set rate sheet?

Audio needs vary widely from project to project. When you contact us, we craft the right kind of audio kit and operator to perfectly fit the needs of your shoot. That way, you’re never stuck without the gear you need, nor are you paying for stuff you’re never going to use.

Have you guys worked on anything I have actually seen? (Heard?)

Pretty likely! We’ve been a part of projects for Disney, History Channel, National Geographic, TNT,  and more.
We have worked on many news pieces for ABC News, BBC News, Good Morning America, Al Jazeera, ARD Germany, ESPN, E! and plenty of others.
We’ve done film Projects like High School Musical 3, The Book of Mormon Movie, Cyborg-X, Muddy Corman, The Crow Wicked Prayer and others.
Our mics have been on Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, Liv Tyler, David Duchovny, Patrick Wilson, Sigourney Weaver, Ryan Reynolds, and many many more.

Is that stuff you're wearing heavy?

Yes. But it makes us more sympathetic to pregnant women. 🙂

Where is the coolest place you've ever recorded sound?

That’s a tough question. We’ve worked in Africa, Aruba, Europe, and in all 50 states. We’ve had memorable shoots from Provo to Paris. One of Mike’s favorites was behind the scenes on Doctor Who. Shelley enjoyed working with Danny Trejo on the film Cyborg-X.