Audio Otter - A Sound Decision


“Audio Otter is the first place I turn to for my field audio needs on the set of The Story Trek.  Given the nature of our show we never know in what setting we’ll be doing interviews.  The team at Audio Otter adapts to everything we can throw at them to give us the best sound possible.  They are professional, fun to work with and always deliver above and beyond what they’re asked.”

Todd Hansen
TKH Productions

Jason Conforto

“Audio Otter is great! Mike is easy to work with, knows his stuff & is great with our clients. Shelley is professional, has a good attitude, and has a sound knowledge of sound. And we always appreciate that the Audio Otter team helps us with setup and wrap after the shoot. Their helpfulness, their punctuality, and their problem solving skills are an asset to our productions.”

Jason Conforto
Avalanche Studios



“Audio Otter is my first stop for anything audio. Their commitment, professionalism, and quality of work are exactly what I want to work with when completing a project. Excellent work with an attitude that finds solutions, not excuses. This is why Audio Otter is my first call.”

Sheralyn Pratt
Owner – Wicked Sassy


“When I choose a crew to work with, hands down Mike is at the top of my list.
When shoot days go long and the work load is heavy he continues to hustle while keeping the entire crew’s spirit up.
Very competent audio tech and creative problem solver.”

Andy Bork


“Audio Otter is great to work with! On site audio is often overlooked, until there’s a problem. Mike and the Audio Otter team have prevented many a costly post-production problem because they do it right in the field. I’ve worked with them on any number of projects because they get it right. Years of industry experience has shown, when you want it done right, hire the pros, that’s Mike and the Audio Otter team. From miking to mixing they’ve got you covered!”

L. Matthew Kjar
Periscope Productions Inc.



“Whenever I need an Audio Engineer, I call Audio Otter first.  Mike always goes the extra mile, providing incredible audio with a smile.  I’m more than happy to recommend him to you, as long as he stays available for all my shoots.”

Anthony Oliver
Love Communications


“You will not find a better team than Audio Otter!!
It has been a wonderful experience working with this group.
I have traveled extensively with both Shelly and Mike and can assure you, it’s one of the few elements of the production I don’t worry about—audio will be perfect! I highly recommend Audio Otter!”

Nichole Coombs
Producer-The Story Trek