Audio Otter - A Sound Decision

One of Audio Otter’s specialties is capturing sound on location. We stay portable to serve you whether you’re around the block, or around the world


Since 2002, our team has been providing location recording services across the United States and beyond. Our work has taken us to locations such as Africa, England, Canada, France, Mexico, Belgium, Aruba, and more.


We are experienced with getting our people and gear from point A to point B without breaking the bank, or the crew! Whether your project is just down the road or across the ocean, we know how to work on the go.


We keep our passports up to date so we can head out to a last minute international shoot.


Yep, we know how to do Carnets. Getting our gear through customs is all part of the job.


Need a road trip to Vegas? No problem. How about a flight to Senegal? We’ll be there! Whatever your location audio needs, the Audio Otter team is ready to go!