Audio Otter - A Sound Decision


1. verb – To Play energetically
2. noun – Collective name for a group of Otters

Mike Fugal


Mike Fugal started in the industry during the 2002 Olympic games. He has worked on literally thousands of projects including feature films, documentaries, television spots, corporate/industrial pieces, and more. Mike takes every project personally and isn’t content with the job until it’s a slam dunk.

Fun Fact! Mike’s favorite conditioner is Mane and Tail.

You can view Mike’s resume here.

Eddie Johnson


Eddie is one of the most well rounded production guys you’ll ever meet! In addition to recording sound, he’s worked as a photographer, editor, on camera talent, and gaffer since 1979. Eddie brings this full knowledge of production to truly understand how to bring your production great sound from start to finish.

Fun Fact! Eddie has worked as a fitness model!

You can view Eddie’s resume here.

Chris Burton

After 12 years of training his ear in musical recording studios, Chris Burton knows what sounds good. His work ethic resonates in his passion for post production audio. Chris understands how to best bring audio from the filming location to the final delivery, and he gets to do it with his new recording studio designed for critical listening. Chris is at your service for all your post audio needs.
Fun Fact! Chris’ favorite way to travel is on two wheels.

Nathan Wood


Nathan spent the last six years travelling around the globe filming glamorous resorts. He not only captures great audio, he also knows how to get our gear across borders with a minimum of hassle. We’ve already put him to work with ImageWorks, Google, and ESPN. We were fortunate to add Nathan to our team!

Fun Fact! Nathan restores cars in his spare time.

Shannon Fugal


Since 2007, Shannon has been the backbone of the company, keeping us in jobs, keeping us in good spirits, and keeping us in line! Working in her roles as producer and location department, Shannon is the glue that holds this crew together. When your project goes smoothly, on time, and on budget, you can blame that on Shannon.

Fun Fact!
Shannon doesn’t believe chocolate can be “Too Dark”.

Shelley Hansen


Shelley hit the ground running when she joined Audio Otter in 2013. She immediately went to work on jobs with the Olympic Women’s Ski Jumping Team, The Story Trek, The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, The Sundance Film Festival, and more. Shelley brings an exceptional attention to detail to our crew and we’re happy to have her with us!

Fun Fact! Shelley is a licensed massage therapist.

You can view Shelley’s resume here.